Funny Little Things This Week

…I’m teaching a class this summer on Film & Theology and one of the scenes in the movie involved the protagonist playing a song for a girl, and she responded by kissing him passionately. One of the dads in the class brought his young child to the class for the night, and the little boy asked his dad, “Dad, is that what guitars are for?” His dad thoughtfully responded, “Pretty much.”

…I was talking to someone about some clothing item and someone who overheard the conversation as they were walking by said, “You know, Brent, when I think of you the word ‘fashion’ never comes to mind.”

…Somebody who was having a birthday mentioned they were going out with friends. I asked them if they were going to paint the town red with the celebration. They responded, “It’s a worknight. We may just paint the restaurant a little pink.”

…a little girl–who isn’t so little anymore–I’ve known since she was a toddler told me that, in addition to her current piano lessons, she was excited to be taking up the cello. “Both of those are WAY better than just playing a recorder.” I found it unnecessary to argue.

…our church’s children’s ministry owns a popcorn maker that looks like an old-timey theatre one & it makes great popcorn. I make the popcorn outside the classroom for my film class, and the last two weeks I’ve forgotten the salt. A lady playfully told me that popcorn without salt was like putting your money in the bank but getting no interest on it. I thought about this for about 20 minutes.

…another friend is on a diet and weighs himself periodically to figure out how it’s going. He told me, “When I weigh myself with the steel-toed Doc Martens it adds nearly 10 pounds to the total.” I didn’t think much of it at first, but then it later hit me that there must have been some sort of experimental session of weigh-ins and I wondered what else might’ve been involved in the experiment.

…I had friends that dressed up like cows to get free food at Chick-Fil-A yesterday during some promotion. They made a day out of it and posted photos of themselves on their Facebook. The mom & her daughters had a blast from the looks of it.

…last night before the movie started a couple of guys in our group had gotten the new iPhone and had added some application to it that just pulls up a graphic of a Star Wars light saber (just the saber, mind you, but you can pick one of 5 colors). When you move the phone it makes that sound the movie light sabers make. They were showing us this and I was amused at their dork pride of this moment, until no less than three people who’d gotten their iPhones that day asked for the web address so they could get it, too. Classic. They also had iBeer & iMilk, where the screen becomes a glass and the liquid moves like it would if you were holding a glass.

…we had a late chips & salsa gathering and got into the restaurant about 3 minutes before the place was ending seating for the night. When we first sat down my friend and I were very happy about the background music being played. Nirvana. Pink Floyd. Bowie. Good stuff. We could tell they were trying to move customers out the door after an hour or so because the music selection changed to stuff like Wham! & Manilow & bad ’80’s hits. I found that hysterical.

…and you don’t even want to hear the story that involved quoting a movie line (from “The Family Stone”), “You have the freak flag. You just don’t fly it.” This was followed up with a truly complimentary, “Lately, you’ve been unfurling yours more than usual.”

I’ve just been thinking about how funny people are when they’re just being themselves…and it’s wonderful.