It’s “Sermon Week”

I’ll be preaching the sermon this week in Big Church.

Frequent visitors to The Diner will know that the process of preparing a sermon consumes my thoughts for an entire week. The reality is that I’ll spend a great deal of time either studying, praying or thinking about Luke 15. I’ll try to think about other stuff. I might get a temporary respite…especially if the Rangers can make a little noise in their 4-game series with the Angels beginning tonight (if we can win 3 of the 4, we’ll start lurking into the pennant race…lose 3 of the 4 and we’ll, for all intents and purposes fade out of the race).

But, by and large, if you’re talking to me and you can tell I’m trying to focus on what you’re saying rather than naturally interested, it’s because I’m thinking about sheep, coins or prodigals…

…and what that might mean to us in at 2008 setting.

Even if engrossing myself in baseball would ordinarily be taking thought priority…