So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that when the mail comes and you find the latest copy of Rolling Stone and the Auburn Tigers 2008 Media Guide, well, that’s a pretty happy mail day.
…speaking of the Auburn Tigers, the 2008 season should be pretty darn good if they put an offensive and a defensive lineman on the cover. That space is usually reserved for the “skill” players. Looks like a team that will endear itself to the faithful–gritty, blue collar, underdogs, smash-mouth defense. That’s what the AU family likes best.
…another way to feel your age: Open a checking account for your youngest daughter. This is on the heels of the first church parking lot driving lesson.
…I have no idea why my summer reading has slowed down so much. Weird.
…I think it’s pretty funny that people are using Facebook to give their pets their very own pages. It’s funny to see what they put in the spots reserved for “activities” (sleep & eat, sleep & eat, sleep & eat) or “relationship status” (one said, “It’s complicated.”). How funny is it to say, “My dog has a Facebook.”?
…is it bad if I can’t get too excited about either candidate the major parties are putting forth in the presidential election?
…this June was the 2nd hottest June on record in Dallas, but it was kind of sneaky. It wasn’t the full-throttle high temps, just consistently 5 degrees hotter than normal.
…is it July already?
…don’t you hate it when you thought you had a few bucks on you and you get to the toll booth at the airport and don’t have the cash, causing you to use your debit card for $1.00?
…I don’t understand why health insurance companies deny payment to a doctor three times, keep you on hold for half an hour, and then hear your story and agree to cover it. It must be nice to take in money on the promise of payment and then hold it as long as possible so you can bank the interest. Health care & profit margin don’t mix. At all.
…that you have to love the Dutch. See, marijuana use isn’t legal per se, but it’s taxed. And there are laws that say they won’t prosecute individuals for less than 5 grams or businesses with licenses that have less than 500. So, now they pass a law that bans smoking cigarettes in restaurants (a lot like what’s going on here in America). Not to worry…the hookahs are exempt.
…it’s cool to me to touch base with former students, and yesterday I talked to three, all of whom are viewing what they’re doing this summer as ministry, even if none of them are working in ministry-related fields. All are “salt & light” kind of things.
…that the tourism industry that lobbied so hard to get the state to pass a mandatory later start date didn’t realize they had no ability to legislate the U.I.L. (the governing body over most Texas extra-curricular activity, including sports, band and any other public school competitions like drama, yearbook, newspapers, etc.) and their start date. They still start in early August so nobody’s traveling during that time anyway. Parents have to be back for their kids’ “voluntary” early start dates.
…that the Texas Rangers are two games over .500 for the first time in two years. The fact that this is news and excites the masses tells you where the Rangers rank regarding baseball seriousness.
…that when one teenager leaves a digital camera and their friends pick it up and agree to return it, you can bet that digital camera’s memory will be full of all sorts of photos of their friends and strange things like urinals or grocery store aisles or whatever when they get it back.
…that I think TLC has run out of ideas when they’re going to offices to discover whether or not the employees can sing & dance.
…that they don’t make cartoons like Buggs Bunny anymore. They should.
…that I saw a sign telling people to get ready for the Flower Mound July 4 Bike Parade and I was kind of happy/sad. Sad that it used to be fun watching my girls decorate their bikes with red, white & blue streamers and taking them. Happy because I don’t have to mess with it all anymore. The year our girls said they weren’t going anymore, me and my friend Matt high-fived that the six year tradition came to an end.
…that I need to get on with my day.