Hey, Here’s A Little Tidbit Of Note

It’s June 23, 2008.

Well, on June 23, 2003, our little Diner opened the doors. This makes it our 5th anniversary!

7 patrons came along for an entry about politicians & war.

Since then there have been 2,381 posts.
There have been 179,210 unique visitors to The Diner. From every continent that has the Internet and from 107 different countries. There’s an average of 174 that stroll through every day. Most of those come back two or three times per day.

Somebody once referred to The Diner as the “unofficial” hang out of our church family. This, I like.

And a range of discussion…everything from my church to my profession to my family to Kurt Cobain to whatever happens to be rambling in my brain at the time to birthday salutes to Bible verses to quotes I’m reading to road trips to baseball to books that haven’t been written and anything and everything in-between & around.

So, thanks to every one of those 179,210 folks who stopped by.

I never could’ve imagined there would’ve been more than 7 per day, and I still can’t figure out why folks ramble in here for their daily cup of joe and conversation.

But, the management would like to say that everything’s “on the house today.” I’ll pick up your tabs and you just order away. Stick around and chat a while about your favorite Diner conversations over the last five years.

*raises coffee cup and says thanks*