The Return

Kid1 and Kid2 are coming back from their mission trip to Juarez today. They left last Friday night. We’ve received scattered text messages and quick check-in phone calls upon their border crossing yesterday afternoon. There was still fun to be had and we weren’t getting their undivided attention…the calls/texts were certainly obligatory.

And, the bathroom they share (along with folks who visit) will be in disarray soon.
And, there will be mutual blame as to who is at fault for that.
And, there will be a glass or two left on the windowsill next to the chair.
And, the latest computer user will forget to log out when they’re finished.
And, there will be routine chores suggested and completion will be delayed or forgotten.
And, there will be televisions left on in rooms no one is in.
And, there will be music loud enough to be heard over the shower noise.
And, there will be doors opened, quick salutation, stuff set down, quick complimentary close, back out the open door, door closed.
And, this will repeat.
And, control over the TV will result in the living room set on Jon & Kate Plus 8 or some Disney fare.
And, rides will be requested to various entertainment venues, followed by requests to pick up their friends.
And, laundry chores will increase for the smokin’ hot trophy wife.
And, crumbs will be left on the counter.
And, the boy will be over on occasion.
And, there will be tension when a requested curfew extension is denied.
And, there will be that look that says, “Dad, you really have no understanding of how important this is.”
And, there will be that look that says, “No matter how cool you think you might be, you’re not. At all.”
And, the thermostat will miraculously decide to decrease the temperature in the home all by itself.
And, there will be random shoes, books, art supplies, dance bags, etc., left in places they shouldn’t be.
And, there will be a game of Jenga on the top of the trash can being played with everything from styrofoam food containers to Sonic cups.
And, there will be a thin layer of tea left in the container that says, “I wasn’t the one who finished the tea.”


…I can’t wait for all that to happen.

I really can’t.