So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that, while I never watch golf (and I mean *NEVER* watch golf. Or play it, for that matter), watching Tiger Woods putt to tie the U.S. Open on the 18th green was really good sports drama.
…the same for Turkey, in the Euro 2008 soccer tournament. Scoring two goals in two minutes when it looked like the Czech Republic was about to knock them out of the biggest non-World Cup soccer tournament with 4 minutes to play was incredible. Attending a world cup game is on my Bucket List.
…that I couldn’t believe the gas pump registered over $70 to fill up the wife’s van.
…that it sure is quiet around here with the girls gone.
…that an article in the paper today talked about all the ways businesses could help folks find summer “camps” (including things like forensics camp, math camp, astronomy camp, etc.) so that 12-year-olds wouldn’t be unattended with two-income families over the summer. Dude, being a two-income family is a choice. It isn’t up to a business to help you solve the fallout from that.
…now that Dallas already hit the 100 degree mark, my attitude has changed drastically. Now, I’m all Texan about it: “Bring it! Let’s beat 1981 for 100-degree days in a row!” I’m sure August will have me begging for mercy, but now it’s game on.
…is it me, or do the summer movie blockbuster releases seem very weak this year?
…that getting free tickets to the Thursday Rangers day-game changes your outlook on the entire week. It’s like it cuts the work week in half, and gives you a preview of the weekend.
…that college kids & recent high school graduates ought to be more discerning about the pictures they post on Facebook & MySpace. Maybe it’s “Good Old Days” syndrome, but maybe it was a good thing that you were more discriminate in photos you took (cost of film & developing) and that they stay in a book that’s tucked away in the garage. And, don’t get me started on video.
…I’ve got four books in my stack to finish before I buy the two I want to read, but the four aren’t very good. But, once I buy ’em, I gotta finish ’em. And no new ones until the old ones are done. It’s just how I’m wired.
…that, while I’m no fan of Coldplay, I think their lead singer (Chris Martin, married to actress Gwynneth Paltrow) is on to something when he said, “You can’t stop feeling like an underdog. You’ve got to be hungry. If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you’d want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?”
…that yesterday’s sermon at my church was very good. Check it out via podcast if you missed it.
…that I’m having a tremendous amount of fun teaching my film & theology class.
…that you won’t regret scrolling to yesterday’s entries. I really liked ’em both.
…that it’s “double secret probation day.” If you haven’t blogged in a month, you’re now on it.
…it’s also “add day.” So, if you have a blog you want me to add to the patrons links, lemme know.
…that I have several errands to run right now, so I’d better get on with my day.