Church Pirates!

I very much respect Bob Hyatt. We’ve only met once, but a couple of my former students are a part of The Evergreen Community where he serves as pastor. His blog both challenges & inspires me, as does his vision for the people & community where he lives. It’s nice to have co-laborers like this in the family.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you folks living in the DFW area know how at least one person in the PDX area views some recent announcements & teachings from an influential church in our community…And this’ll just whet the appetite:

“I think Ed is speaking from a place of pain. I wish the solution was a simple as he thinks, that is, coming up with a catchy phrase like “church pirates” and talking about it on the internet.

The real solution is for established leaders to change the way they view emerging leaders and to quit doing leadership in such a way that young men and women feel like they have to wrestle the baton out of the hands of a previous generation just to do what they feel like God is calling them to do.

A better solution to the problem that Ed is flailing at here is a permission giving ethos that gives mentoring, a place to grow in leadership and skills and can then ask for (and get) patience out of emerging leaders that might not be as ready as they think.

In my mind, that’s a win on all sides. “

Check out the rest of the entry here. You won’t regret it.