What Do Moms Want To Know?

Occasionally, I’m asked to address various “niche” groups in our church. It can be the sophomore girls’ Bible study, or the senior citizens group, or the administrative staff or children or, well…you get the idea. The topics are given and the organizer of each group tells me the amount of time they want me to spend and if they want Q&A and if it’s around tables or “lecture” style.

Today, I’m spending a few minutes with some moms. But it’s extremely limited in time allotment (15 minutes, and that includes leaving time for Q&A) and I’m wrapping up a very specific topic, so the discussion will focus on my specific observations of that topic in my 20 years of working with teenagers.

But I got to thinking about what would happen if we had a class that wasn’t “laser-focused” on any specific issue, and gave moms a chance to pick a former youth pastor’s brain for an hour…

…what would they ask?

So, here at The Diner today, I’m just sitting at a table with my cup of joe, hanging out. It’s a lot like Lucy Van Pelt in the “Peanuts” comic with her sign that said the psychiatrist was “IN.” Except, today, I’m not even charging the $0.05.

What do moms want to know?