Fish Tale?

Ever heard a story that was so outlandish…

…so unbelievable…

…that, after you heard it, you still wonder the truth about it?

That you want to go to the parties involved and dive into the story and get all the details because there’s so many potential holes in the tale and there are so many questions you want to ask and so many folks you’d like to talk to that would give a variety of perspectives on the entire deal?

Well, suffice to say that my friend Katherine told me one last night that she’d gotten from a very reliable source/friend that swears by the story. Well, Katherine swears that the reliable source/friend swears by the truth of the story.

And I can’t get the story out of my head, either. It’s fascinating on about 100 levels. The event would make a scene from a movie that folks would talk about for years.

The kicker is that I can’t tell the story.

But, manalive, it’s the funniest anecdote I’ve heard in a decade. Easily. And what I wouldn’t give to get all the details. And it gets funnier the more I think about it.

Oh, man. Do I wish I could invent stuff in my brain as outlandish as that story…