A Day When Being A Grownup Just Isn’t The Same

The last day of school has it’s very own vibe. It’s own feel.

It’s palpable…in your home and in your community.


Even if that freedom involved your summer job and little else to do, you still just felt free.

I remember the last day of seminary…what I thought was the last day of school for the rest of my life. I tried to pay attention in classes. I really did. I just couldn’t. But I was thrilled.

I remember the last day of university. I had a final that didn’t turn out to be all that tough, but my car was packed and I was leaving the place I’d wanted to go all my life, so I was a little sad. But I had my first day of seminary in 3 days and I had to move to Dallas (1st attempt in 1987…it took 10 years to get the 2 year degree) so the sadness was quickly replaced by excitement.

I remember the last day of high school. We had graduation practice and nothing else to do.

But what I remember most about all the rest of the “last days” was that you just felt like you’d been released from some burden. Like some weight was lifted off your shoulders. Even if the summer job awaits or the band practices or football team stuff or yearbook responsibilities are still out there lurking…

…you get to do all of them without the daily grind of teachers, books and class and homework.

And, that freedom is taken vicariously by grownups these days.

Just drive safely when you leave, kids. I’ll be just fine if sirens and CareFlight aren’t involved in the proceedings. But enjoy the moment, students. In the words of Ron Burgandy: Drink it in.