Stuff I Need To Be Doing

Getting back to the gym. Looking and feeling that need, too, man.
Getting Tracy’s van to the state inspection station & getting the side mirror replaced.
Getting back to a couple of roofers. How do you know who to trust?
Getting an overall landscaping plan for the entire property. I want to decrease what I mow, add a deck or patio, and a small storage shed for the outdoor stuff.
Getting new wiper blades.
Getting appointments for the hail damage repair to the cars. How do you know who to trust?
Getting the deposit forms filled out for the bank deposit.
Getting more time with the family as things are slowing down.
Getting more rest.
Getting more folks to thank my friend Mikey for 10 years of service to our church.
Getting more folks to read Kid1’s blog as she’s pretty talented when it comes to all things artsy.
Getting more people to pressure frequent commenters Hal, Renee & Jilly to start their own blogs.
Getting more rest.
Getting organized at work to make the most of the time I have this summer…which will be broken up by vacation time.
Getting The Diner’s blogskin redesigned.
Getting ready to serve notice to those that haven’t blogged in a month that you’re about to get on Double Secret Probation.
Getting used to the heat. It’s here, and despite getting the hammock readied, I didn’t have the heart to climb in it last night at 9PM when it was 85 degrees.
Getting some new music going, but it seems like few releases are worthwhile lately.
Getting some new books. I’m struggling with my stack, too, because I made some poor choices last time.
Getting ready for my day of work…