So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that when your 16-year-old daughter left the house five minutes ago, and you hear sirens (even if they aren’t coming from the direction she’d be going), you get three seconds of free terror and 25 minutes of taking your thoughts captive.
…not trying to be presumptuous, but for those that asked, you can download my Sunday sermon here.
…our Texas Rangers can’t seem to get over the .500 hump, losing the last three times they had the chance.
…I’m pretty excited about my new e-team starting tomorrow morning, even if it is 6AM.
…that, for some strange reason, I’m not at all worried about the violence in Juarez lately and I’m sending both my kids there in two weeks. Maybe because I’ve been there and know how remote they’ll be, as well as the reality that they won’t be involved in the drug trade or enforcement side of it.
…I miss Margaux. I feel like I’m missing out on some pretty important stuff. Stuff uncles need to be a part of.
…that when you hear somebody on television say that they, “I really just need to get away and do nothing on a beach with my toes in the sand,” you know precisely what they mean.
…that our student ministry’s senior speeches are this Sunday night, and it seems very surreal that I’m an invited guest to the meeting instead of host for the night.
…that I wish Son Volt was invited to the Outside Lands Festival I’m going to in August. I “shuffled” all their songs yesterday doing yard work and remembered what a consistently good band they are.
…that I’m reading two books about God. One denies the existence of any supreme being, and the other defends the premise of a personal God. It’s kinda cool to be reading a chapter at a time of each.
…that there’s something cool about the boss not being in the office for 10 days, even if we’re hardly the kind of people or have the kind of jobs to just blow off, it just feels like it’s more free.
…that it hit me, that instead of developing a deep curriculum to replace the one our church used to use, why not just teach Galatians and Romans exegetically?
…I couldn’t find the movie “So, I Married An Axe Murderer” anywhere yesterday. I went to three places, but I haven’t checked the used DVD place at the other shopping mall yet.
…that I think the early start to the 95-degree temperatures (it’s 10 degrees hotter than average) has already made me dread going outside. It’s too early, man. I’m not ready, and believe me, it takes a while to get mentally prepared for 60 consecutive days where it never goes below 80.
…Auburn’s football team has been picked #8 by one of those pre-season magazines to start the season. For those of you that know, we do much better when we’re picked around #20. It’s rare my Tigers rise to expectations–they relish the underdog role.
…that I really don’t think it’s all that evil to walk through the room and pet the dog or call his name if he got his sleep patterns backwards last night and woke me up four times to play/go outside. Turnabout’s fair play on this deal, if you’re asking me.
…that, even with the boss out of the country in Russia, I still need to get to the office. I’ve got a bunch of work to do.