General Thoughts About Walking With God

It’s that time of year.

Around mid-May the classes I’m teaching come to an end. The warp-speed of teaching three (or four, if one of your colleagues has an emergency come up) times per week and the associated preparation time ends. The job, at least for three weeks or so, becomes nearly 9 to 5 if you want it to be (at least you get two nights per week back, anyway).

What I discovered is that I like to re-calibrate in May. Currently, our “Mays” are longer than they used to be. See, the local school district used to have graduations the last weekend in May, making the early part of the month a senioritis kind of thing that filtered to the rest of the community. That evolved into a mash-up of year-ending finals, club parties, team playoffs and parties, senior graduation trips and such. Then June hit and we summered until August 1st. I don’t think our community has adjusted to the state-mandated scheduling that requires school districts to end in June. Hence, this May seems like it’s taking FOR-EVER.

What I mean by re-calibrate is to do a life analysis of sorts. Just spend a half-hour per day thinking about who I am and what I’m about. Where am I spiritually? Where am I in my marriage? Where am I as a parent? Where am I professionally? You get it, right? I could go on, but basically just spending some time to think things through and check up on myself.

Then I thought, “Why do this alone?” I mean, we could do it at The Diner!

So, here’s what I’m proposing: Go to CBC’s sermon archive page. Scroll WAY down to 3 sessions by Dr. John Hannah on 1/13-14/2006. Why these? Because, no matter how quirky Dr. Hannah (one of my former professors) is, the stuff here is some of the best stuff ever taught at our church (it was during a winter conference).

They’re an hour or so each. Download ’em to the iPod. Stream ’em at work. Burn ’em to disc and listen in the car. However you want to do it. But we’ll listen to roughly 30 minutes per day and then comment & ask questions.



It’ll be fun!

All the cool kids are doing it!

So, for tomorrow, we’ll discuss session #1, from 0:00 to 36:40.

Sign up for the course in the comments and let us know you’re coming so I’ll know how much coffee to make…