Another Argument Against Jesus Fish

Kid1 has been raised in a Christian environment.

Even worse, she’s been a PK her whole life.

I’m pleased that neither environment has turned her off to the faith. I mean, our Tribe has our moments that cause us to cringe with embarrassment. I mean, my own life has moments that cause those around me to cringe with embarrassment. Despite all this immersion, which has tremendous positives, to be sure, both my children have chosen to embrace a relationship with Christ.

Often, those moment of cringing become discussion points in our home. So do the positives.

Today, Kid1 texted me a “cringe” moment.

See, she commutes downtown to school each day. To the heart of downtown each day. Her job is to text message me upon her arrival & departure. I just like to know, okay?

Anyway, according to her, an over-aggressive driver cut her off in traffic this morning…to the degree that Kid1 felt the need to honk her horn as the lady was merging to possibly avoid an accident.

Upon the horn-honking, the driver continued into the desired lane, and proceeded to give my daughter “the finger.”

You know what offended Kid1 the most?

No, not the aggressive driving. It’s Dallas. It’s how it goes, man.
No, not the gesture. It’s Dallas. It’s how it goes, man.

It was the “Jesus fish” prominently displayed on the back of the merging car.

Moral of the story: Let’s be careful out there today, kids. There’s a world watching us. We can tolerate driving mistakes and forgive a gesture among family–we all have our moments–but we can’t count on it always being a Tribe member to tolerate and forgive. It’s about out-living the world, folks.