Another Occupational Hazard

While I’m pouring your cup of joe here at The Diner, often, I’m wont to mention nuances of my life that I think are unique to my role as a pastor. Simple odds ‘n ends that happen because of my role of serving people you regard as your family.

Today, I need to double-check on one, though, because I don’t know if it’s unique to my profession or part of the culture we live in and it’s happening to lots of folks.

Right now, my kitchen counter contains a boatload of three things: Wedding invitations and mission trip support letters and, starting to roll in, graduation announcements.

The wedding invitations are already up to four (with one transpiring last weekend). Sometimes, these will be accompanied by invitations to other parties, like a shower or rehearsal dinner. Each has a couple of envelopes and R.S.V.P.’s included. Side note: This “couple’s shower” idea has got to stop. I don’t know where it came from or why it started (my guess is that girls want their significant others to become friends and think they’ll all enjoy the parties as much as they do–well, we don’t), and the only acceptable way this can happen is if the girls open presents in one room, and create a guy environment in another room. I heard one where the girls did the traditional gift shower in one room and had a game-room with darts & beer and a big screen plasma football game going in the other. This is acceptable and encouraged.

The mission trip letters are at 3, and I lost count of the ones we already acted on.

Graduation announcements are rolling in from all sorts of places from the collegians we know, and it won’t be long before the slew of high school commencement announcements start showing up.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ’em!

It’s exciting to me to know, really and truly know, so many couples getting married and to be excited for them as their big day approaches. It’s fun to go to rehearsal dinners and fun receptions, which our church families have gotten GREAT at hosting. We have loads of fun celebrating with our friends even if (especially if) I’m not officiating and Tracy’s not taking pictures.

It’s cool to see where everybody’s off to on summer mission trips and what missions they’re involved in. I’m glad my friends have such opportunities.

And I’ve even learned to enjoy graduation ceremonies. Having attended over 65 graduations (that is an occupational hazard) I’ve become an expert in the critique of commencement addresses and bring a Gameboy for the name reading of folks I don’t know at high school ones. Frogger is my game of choice.

Enjoying the mail isn’t the issue…and, no, I’m not trying to big-time everybody by telling you all how many things I get via snail mail.

What I want to know is whether or not this is an occupational hazard, or simply an element of life as we know it. I can’t have ambiguity in this area, folks.