Our Post-Prom Party

Well, truth be told, it wasn’t “our” party per se. Actually, someone Tracy works with was having a party to celebrate their marriage. We call those receptions. We were invited. It coincided with prom night in our home.

So, we headed off downtown. The party started at 8PM and was on the rooftop patio of a new building in Dallas that happens to be right across from Kid1’s high school. It was a very nice night to have a party on a rooftop patio, too. Nice breeze. Almost chilly. Almost never happens in Big D. But it did last night!

And, I can say for sure that having a nice time with nice friends with this view doesn’t suck:

The view changed to this one while the party extended, which doesn’t suck, either:

And here’s Tracy’s co-workers, with spouses, with the bride & groom:

I will say with some degree of certainty that if anyone can find us some place in this area with 1,500 square feet, 3BR, 2BA with anything close to this view for roughly the same amount per month we’re paying now, my wife and I would move out of suburbia so fast it would make people’s heads spin.

As long as I’m dreaming…

…I wish I had a pony.