Yes. I Am Old Enough To Have A Daughter Attend Prom.

It started off like a very ordinary Saturday in my. I had driving responsibilities with Kid2. Smokin’ Hot Shutterbug Trophy Wife had a few responsibilities with work. So did I.

Then, it happened.

Kid1 heads out to a friend’s house in ordinary clothes and comes back dressed to the nines to attend her prom. Keep in mind that my photos are just so The Diner can have a few to pull out of the digital wallet. SHSTW will have her own well-lighted/angled/framed/focused/etc. that I’m sure I can get my hands on at a later date for those that care about photographic & artistic sensibilities. My photography is all about function.

At any rate, here’s Kelsey and her date, Trey, getting ready to leave our house:

In what has become one of the better traditions the student ministry at our church maintains, all the students going to prom get together for a photo shoot at the youth pastor’s house. Here’s the guys lined up at Nathan’s home. His daughter got dressed up for the occasion, too. Nathan, you and Kim will be watching her dress up for reals in about 2022:

Here’s the parents playing paparazzi. I’m always amused by this, even when I’m one of the ones playing:

Finally, here’s a couple of the girls. Which, let’s be honest, is the centerpiece of the idea, anyway. What’s really cool is that they always take up the offering on Sundays after prom at our church dressed just like this–which, from what I can gather, is something everybody enjoys.

It’s another moment in parenting that seems surreal on about 100 different levels.

Enjoyable & fun, to be sure.

But surreal nonetheless.