Getting All Trendy

One of the things I like about New York City is how, even in the five boroughs, they divide up their neighborhoods to be even more specific…and then these subdivisions have their own identity.

For example, there’s Tribeca. That stands for the “triangle below Canal (Street).”

Or maybe you’ve heard of SoHo. That stands for “south of Houston (Street).”

And I heard a reference in a movie recently that developers were doing this in cities all over America. They might rename an area that had a bad reputation and give it a trendy new name to attract home buyers and shop owners as they redesigned and renewed the neighborhood. Of course, the movie had an extremely ridiculous name to get laughs.

But I started thinking about how we could do this with the Flower Mound area. I mean, you can say that you live in FloMo (or Highland Village or Lewisville or whatever else is around here) but it’s a pretty big place geographically and doesn’t really help much by way of identifying precisely where you live in Flower Mound (or HV or LV).

So, for example, I live in an older subdivision that’s north of a major street (College) and east of another (Morriss). Our little neighborhood might be called NoCoEMo. Or EMoNoCo. I haven’t figured out which is better just yet.

We played this at work yesterday and somebody lived north of the actual flower mound (yes, there really is one). They chose NoMo. I liked it.

So, FlowerPlexers…help yourself to a name so we can know more precisely where you live!