And This Stuff Is Free, Man!

Podcasts are the best thing ever for a sermon connoisseur such as myself.

I listen to about four per week, more if I have extensive driving or yardwork to do. My children and wife have lovingly mocked me for this behavior. I tend to get excited and say things like, “Got that new podcast from Grand Rapids today, just in time for the big mow!” They look off in different directions so as to be polite when it’s pretty obvious they are aware of how out of lock-step with the majority of humans I truly am.

Anyway, it’s stuff like this that I can’t believe don’t cost nuthin’:

“The issue is that God did not die on a cross and rise from the dead so that you could be moral people. He died on the cross and rose again so you could be worshipping children of God, which is radically different from behavior modification. It’s getting to the root of the sin that says “He is God and I am not” and I’m going to worship Him. And when I fail to do that, then I am on the road to sin, and it will show up somehow and in some way. Sin always has a ripple effect…it always hurts people. For starters, it hurts God because you’ve moved from a relationship of a worshipper to a competitor.”–Rick McKinley, from a sermon given at Imago Dei Community, Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, 4/27/08.

Take your pick, patrons.

Good morality.
Behavior modification.
On the road to sin (which I think is a magnificent description, btw).
Sin’s ripple effect.
Worshipper to competitor (another great description, btw).

*tips cap to colleague Rick McKinley, for packing two hours’ worth of conversation into a minute and a half of sermon time*

Have at it…