Images From Opening Day

Got to the ball park early to get good parking and get the feel for the day…and had a few minutes to spare and I took a stroll to see how the Cowboys stadium was coming along…suffice to say that this is from about 3/4 of a mile away and this photo won’t do it justice. It’s HUGE:

Then Kelsey and I took in both teams taking batting practice…and manalive did our new center fielder, Josh Hamilton, put on a show! Very cool to watch a pro hit a baseball that far that often. The only two people I’ve ever seen do what he did in BP were Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire. Seeing that made my day.

The pomp and circumstance of Opening Day still kinda does it for me. Introduction of all the players, old and new, color guards from each branch of the service, the ceremonial first pitch…

A flyover by a B1 bomber is excellent…

Then they played some baseball. 9 innings in relatively glorious weather…and it was 9 poor innings by the home team. Poor starting pitching. Errors in the field. A baserunning blunder that really mattered. Hitting into double plays when we had a chance to do some damage. Everything that this team can’t afford to do. But, hey, it was baseball, from this view:

And, no matter what, even losing 8-1 beats the heck out of a day at work: