Proud Uncle Alert

Lately, the stunning Margaux has been getting lots of pub here at The Diner. Not that it isn’t deserved pub, mind you. It’s just that sometimes the older niece and nephew get slighted due to the fact that they’re aren’t counting their ages in months anymore.

But rest assured that Katelyn and I have mileage, man. We’ve got this weird understanding that mischief is way more fun than playing it straight, so we’ve been into cookies before dinner time. I’ve introduced her to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and she introduced me to “Madagascar.” We’ve thrown little Nerf balls at each other hiding behind couches…losing a couple in the Christmas tree so we had to call a time-out to find them. Hide & seek. The whole bit.

Anyway, the sister-in-law sent photos of my partner in crime at holiday gatherings from her first soccer game. So, forgive the management while he pulls out the digital wallet and shows family photos while you’re in for you cup of joe this morning…

As you can tell, she’s got her game face on and will be quite the competitor:

I’ll call this one “Domination” because I’m sure it’s what she did on the pitch throughout regulation play: