So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that it takes about 10 minutes for me to get tired-head from watching political coverage on the local news.
…that I can’t figure out why more folks don’t donate their blood or hair on a consistent basis.
…that I can’t figure out why I like getting a free t-shirt every time I donate blood, but I really do.
…that I’m pretty excited about R.E.M. and Moby having new CD’s released in a couple of weeks.
…that our local media can get as excited as they want about our solid defense, but until the Texas Rangers get serious about pitching it won’t really matter. There’s no defense for a 395-foot blast into the seats.
…that I’m trying to be more patient with the plan the owner, president and GM of the Texas Rangers are putting together.
…that I’m giving serious thought to going to the Outside Lands Music & Arts Arts Festival in San Francisco in late August. Tom Petty & Radiohead at Golden Gate Park, with a place to stay (higher-order barnstormers) and a place to crash (Pierced & Tattooed Computer Folks who can throw a rock into Golden Gate Park from their place) if things run too late sounds like a fabulous way to end the summer.
…that I feel like I’m in a consistent state of hoobey-goobey these days. I have much to do and seem to be lacking motivation in pretty much every area of life. Doesn’t matter. Take your pick. Diet & exercise. Long-range stuff at work. Short-term stuff at work. Family stuff, from day-to-day things to trying to find mutually agreeable vacation dates.
…that it’s pretty cool when a wedding is talked about for three days afterward. That’s how you know everybody had a good time.
…that sometimes, just sitting in a room with your wife doing nothing, a thought will pop into your brain about how pretty she is and how happy you are at this very moment.
…that, for some reason, it’s often easier to focus on the negatives in our lives. I have no idea why this is.
…that I’ll post a Jeremiah entry tomorrow.
…that I need to get moving as I at least can attempt to fend-off this state of hoobey-goobey.
…that, in case you need a Margaux update/fix (and, let’s be honest, shall we, who doesn’t?), here you go. (Can you tell that Jilly has added a Mac with photo booth to the higher-order life-living?):