Apparently, I Don’t Have Enough To Dislike

My Smokin’ Hot Shutterbug Trophy Wife alerted me to this month’s issue of D Magazine.

Here’s the cover, but I don’t know how large it’ll get on the blog page:

Anyway, if you can’t read the magazine cover, it reads, “Why You Should Hate Southlake.” The article is entitled, “Welcome to Perfect City, U.S.A.” Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“They’re good at everything in Southlake. If you’ve never been, there’s something a little Pleasantville about it. The streets are cleaner than your streets, the downtown more vibrant, the students more courteous, their parents more prosperous. Everyone is beautiful in Southlake. Everyone smiles in Southlake. Everyone is a Dragon in Southlake. This last fact, especially, is central to understanding the city. The kids and their mothers coming out of Central Market. The retired men who eat barbecue at the Feed Store. The white collar professionals strolling through the shops of Southlake’s Town Square. They are all Dragons.”

Now, there are a lot of ways I could go with this…

“Why I Should Hate Flower Mound.”
“Why I Should Love Improving Urban Crime Rates.”
“Why I Should Praise Underperforming School Districts.”
“Why I Should Revel In Successful Mediocrity.”
“Why I Should Detest People Who Work Hard, Pay Taxes & Enjoy The Fruits of Their Labor To Maintain A Nice Standard of Living.”
“Why I Should Loathe A High End Retail Outdoor Mall.”

Yes, folks.

It’s come to this.

I feel a need to defend the Southlake folks. Because, like I learned in civics class that if you don’t speak up then the next people they’ll come for is Plano.

And then…well…Frisco is gonna get scorched.

And not far after that we all know that Carrollton will follow…

…and before long there’ll be all sorts of magazines knocking over our privacy fences here in Lewisville/FloMo and then it’s just a matter of time before Argyle and Keller get picked on, too.

They’ll mock our tax revenue and good schools and low crime rates and playgrounds and our new shops at Highland Village stores and drive to build a Denton bridge over Lake Lewisville and our friendly people and then where will we be?

Is this really the kind of world we want to live in, people?

So, I say, “Rock On to the nice people of Southlake.” The Diner management is with you!