So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that we all know fad diets don’t work in the long-term and that the obvious way to lose weight is to eat less & exercise more. Yeah. There’s truth to that eat less & exercise more stuff. Thus far, with my friend Joyce’s help (she’s the nutrition guru at the local health club) on diet stuff, I’ve cut calories and gotten serious on the treadmill. Well, eliptical machine. Whatever. The results after the first month: I’ve lost 13 pounds. 20 more to go!
…that I’m pretty darn excited about September 14. That’s when my friend Bailey gets announced as the head cheerleader at the first home varsity football game. That’s kind of a big deal…and I’m doing everything in my power to be there.
…that I hope that 17 year-old kid who figured out how to rig up the iPhone to accept other mobile phone services (other than AT&T, which iPhone uses exclusively) decides to use his powers for good and not evil when he chooses a career.
…that when your oldest daughter starts dating it’s kind of exciting & nerve-wracking all at the same time. But you know, when they choose sharp guys to go out with, they make your job a lot easier.
…another end-of-an-era thing: I’m making plans to get rid of the swing set and wooden playhouse we made for the girls when we first moved here. I’m using the wood to expand my firewood storing capabilities. The swing set’s a goner.
…my reading has slowed to an embarrasing pace.
…it never ceases to amaze me what some of my former students will entrust me with.
…people kept telling me that my life was in a large-scale transition, but frankly, it really didn’t feel like it for the longest time. Now, brother, it really feels like it. Personally. Professionally. Every way, really.
…the newness of the Rangers giving all the rookies a long look to see what they can do at the big league level has worn off, and now it’s just watching a bad baseball team–with Wednesday’s 30-run outburt as the highlight of the season. That, and just saying Saltalamacchia is fun. No worries, though, because college football kicking off next weekend is just what the doctor ordered. It’s been a long sports summer, man. So much so that I even started getting into world soccer–English Premier League and the Dutch Eredivisie. No kidding.
…my wife keeps getting better & better as a photographer. And as a wife. And as a mother. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. She’s pretty much incredible. I like her like her.
…that I really ought to start playing guitar again. I still fiddle around with it, but nothing like I should.
…it’s pretty cool to have my friend Wes still working with Mercy Me, even if I don’t really dig their music. He’s been with them since the early days and worked his way up within the business end of their art. But he still gets to be creative and use his gifts even if they aren’t in our student ministry anymore.
…same for my friend Josh with Evanescence. He didn’t work for my ministry, but he hung around my first ministry in Dallas.
…that I really don’t want to make a list of where my former students are plugged into ministry because it really would take a long time and then it’d make me want to make a whole lot of phone calls and e-mails that I don’t really have time to do.
…having friends & relatives that are wine snobs makes for some serious meal-enhancement and keeps me from having to bother with it.
…that I get to see Margaux in 43 days. It isn’t soon enough.
…that school starts tomorrow and no matter how long summer is, the start of school seems to come up too fast.
…that with all the rain we had early in the summer and now gone about 5 weeks without it, my yard has some interesting new undulations and such if my lawnmower’s tracks are any indication.
…that I’ve avoided thinking about it too much and I’ve avoided making a big deal about it, but the reality that Steve & Mish are moving to Portland on Tuesday is kind of bittersweet for me. I mean, I’ve discipled Steve for about a decade, peformed their wedding, and worked alongside them both for two years. They’re very gifted and talented. Portland’s gain is definitely our loss, friends. I’ll miss them. I’ll miss what they bring to CBC. I’ll trust that they’re following God’s will so that I can justify it and take some of the emotional heat off the reality.
…that if I can just fight through the next 13 hours I can enjoy a long day off since I mowed the yard yesterday. I might just sleep the whole time. Man, preaching the sermon in Big Church is such a difficult thing for me.