Shelby’s Off Today…

The bags are packed & weighed to make sure they fit within airline guidelines. Some things are tucked away inside those bags with a special vacuum packing bag that allegedly triples your luggage space.

Runs were made to Target…a couple of times. Lists were made and checked off. The bags are sitting by the door right now…ready and zipped and all that.

Airline itineraries were checked. We paid a fee to have someone assist with her making her connecting flight.

We had a night at home together as a family that ended like this (with Lloyd, once again, showing an EXTREME lack of ability to stay awake):

Kid2 leaves for the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet for five weeks of training.

I’m proud of her. She works hard at what she loves. And I’m glad she’s got this opportunity to get this level of instruction.


…now that it’s all done except getting there…

…it hits me that I’m really going to miss that kid.

Godspeed, Shelby. But text or call every now and then, okay?