Proud Dad Alert

I know.

I know.

Coming off a three-week series devoted to one topic many of the patrons are expecting a bit more diversity today, but I really have been waiting to put this out there.

First, Kid1 comes home from her last day of school loaded down with her portfolio of art from this year…much of it I had never seen. I could literally load 10 pictures in here, but I chose the two that struck me the most:

First, her art “final”: 24 x 18 oil on canvas.

And this one she titled “Ode To A Water Bottle”: 12 x 16 watercolor.

I could boast…I mean, POST…more. That portfolio had a LOT of stuff in it, and I’ll leave it to her to post what she wants and put it on her painting site…of which those of you who are interested can track it down I suppose. Apparently, my tax dollars were used well in that arena at good old M.H.S.

And, then, there was even more good news: Turns out the day she brought home that portfolio from good old M.H.S. would be the last day she’ll be attending good old M.H.S. We got a phone call that morning that the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts would like to add her to their sophomore class beginning next fall. She’s already been down there and picked up her summer assignments and seems excited about it all. I’m excited for her.

I do indeed lead a charmed life.