Proud Dad Alert


That painting has a blue “first place” ribbon on it from the Marcus High School art show. It won the painting category.

Kid1 did that. She says the best part of the painting is actually covered up by the ribbon. Her description of what happened is on her blog, that reads,

“i was forced…to paint a picture in art.
it was prepositional phrase paintings.
we had to pick a prepositional phrase
mine ended up

a monkey–on a ship–with bob

so my imagination made bob a girl
and a monkey on her shoulder.
with the seas in the background
(the ship is implied)”

Anyway, enough about it…here’s the painting:

Sorry the photo is at an angle, but that’s the way it was in the display case at the high school. Maybe you should stop by and see it for yourself! I gotta say that there’s something pretty cool about seeing your kid’s work with a blue ribbon on it.