The Tradition Continues, Part 1

It started innocently enough. The limo arrived late so they came over to my house to kill time and we took their pictures on our sidewalk.

The next year, the logic was that they did it last year, so they should plan to come by again.

At that point it became a tradition: My students who are going to their prom come over to our house for photos before their big night out. It’s fun for us & the neighbors actually like to see all the goings on in our front yard, too. After 11 years of it they’ve even started asking us when is prom weekend this year.

Now, it’s changed a bit since that first group. Our community now has three major high schools (this year 6 were represented) not to mention the private schools and home schoolers. So, there are more proms…which is good for the photo shoot because it’s hard enough to get one school’s prom kids all here on time before they’re off to the next thing.

Anyway, here’s this year’s Marcus High prom girls:

And the guys:

And the group:

And like I told Retiree Sam across the street, we’ll do it again on May 12!