I’m not like them, But I can pretend, The sun is gone, But I have a light, The day is done, But I’m having fun, I think I’m dumb, Or maybe just happy

I know.

I didn’t mention the anniversary of the assasination of one of the most important Americans who ever lived yesterday. So, apologies to Martin Luther King, Jr. I assure you The Diner Wall of Fame member (top row, 2nd from the left) will have several mentions this year–as he does every year–of the greatness of his cause and his words.

But on this day, for me, another Diner Wall of Fame member (albeit on the bottom row, right-hand corner) is remembered.

13 years ago, likely on this day (there’s some questions about timing, but his body was found on April 8), Kurt Cobain shot himself. For a myriad of reasons, this:

affected me. You can read previous years entries for more details as to why.

It was too early, Kurt. You were just getting started. In fact, that last song you recorded, “You Know You’re Right” was downright brilliant. Maybe one of the best rock songs ever written. Forget that Pixies knock-off that made you and your band famous…there were 10 songs better than that one. And that one’s great.

But my CD changer and iPod will be all Nirvana, all day today. Thanks for the great music…and I’m sorry you were such a tormented soul and no one was around you to help you think a bit more clearly about life and living.