Reasonable Things I Want To Do Soon

Get the yard mowed today before it rains. We’ll see, but I should have done it Saturday when I had the chance.

Write the book I’ve been talking about writing for years. Hell, I’d be happy if I finished the “Carlin-esque” rant about suburban Christians I’ve been working on…but words aren’t coming easy these days.

Get the bathrooms finished. Thankfully, our family schedule allows for easy scheduling for four people using one, but it’d be nice to get them done.

Get the tree guy to finish the job. I feel like I’ve hired a hit-man to whack our weeping willow and he hasn’t got the target sleeping with the fishes yet.

Get the new pastor in place ASAP at our church…or at least get my attitude focused on whatever God wants for us during the wait.

Get that piece of furniture from IKEA that’s never in-stock when we go.

Get those two books finished…I don’t know what it is but almost all Christian publishing seems trite & pithy these days. There’s little substance beyond the latest pastor-of-the-moment turning his latest sermon series into chapters. It’s hard to get motivated to read those authors. If you’re asking me, there’s definitely a collective yawn in Christian publishing these days.

Get the garage cleaned and use that closet organizer we got almost a year or so ago. Both of those would require a garage sale, Goodwill donation trip, and Craigslist sale…and a healthy dose of parting with a lot of things we don’t want to part with.

Get committed to my exercise program. Granted, I’ve been hitting the gym twice a week, but the goal was three times. I’ve also been less than committed to my diet the last two weeks and I’m feeling it. I was going so good in 2007, too. I’m still ahead of the weight loss I was hoping for, but the set back seems silly and discouraging. Darn daughters who are learning to bake cookies.

Get further ahead on my teaching preparation.

Find some good music to download. I’m in that phase where I’d like some new music for the iPod, but nothing really sounds good.

Have that conversation I’ve been needing to have.

Start that FlowerPlex Writer’s Collective, FlowerPlex Photography Collective and maybe even a FlowerPlex Filmmaker’s Collective. You know, start collective blogs/photo exposition/film festivals all on-line…where a community of people supports and encourages each other. A mixture of high schoolers college kids and assorted grown-ups having a creative community on-line. It’s easily doable with all the free web hosting available. It’d be fun, too.

Get better…at so many things I feel like I’m just doing what it takes to get by.

Get breakfast made so I can at least accomplish that first one on the list today…

Yeah. I’m kinda feeling inadequate today. So, sue me.