2nd Best News I Got Yesterday

I live vicariously through a friend of my higher-order life-liver sister Jilly and Barstorming Brother-in-law’s friend, Vince. He’s *that* guy. He’s just hanging out and the most outlandish events occur right around him. *That* guy who sends you a photo text message because he sat next to a rap star on the plane or wound up seated at a restaurant next to an Oscar winner. Sure, he’s also the guy that winds everybody up for the big event (remind me to tell you about the time he tried to get an exhausted wedding party revved up for another night out on the town) and/or makes small events turn into big events. He’s *that* guy that never runs out of energy.

It’s akin to Jilly and money. She can set her loose change on the dresser before bed time and when she wakes up, the amount has doubled or tripled…but I digress.

Anyway, Vince is in Vegas staying at a hotel and a rock star is hosting a charity fundraising event in the same hotel. Vince decides to make a bid on one of the items up for auction. One of those deals where the highest bid on the list gets the prize, I assume. Then, Vince is off to do whatever it is that Vince does when Vince is in Vegas.

Well, Vince won the item he bid on. That’s right. He won the Motley Cruise. A Carribean cruise with the glam-rock band Motley Crue. This is Vince, with lead singer Vince Neil.

How classic is this?