Happy New Year’s, Part Two

To bury the ashes of 2006, I thought I’d start a new tradition in our family by starting off New Year’s Day by cooking a big breakfast: Steak & eggs, waffles (frozen, but hey), fruit, the whole deal.

Suffice to say, the lesson is learned: After not getting to bed until nearly 3AM, when you have to get up at 6:30AM to make the Cotton Bowl’s 10:30AM kick-off, it’s best to begin start that tradition next year and make it a BRUNCH. It was slow going until we arrived at Dallas’ Fair Park.

Then things picked up:

Those $12 seats we picked up on StubHub turned out to be on the Nebraska side of the stadium (the Cotton Bowl does an excellent job of arranging it so each side of the stadium is for each participating team)…so we were like that guy on the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon teaching about interjections when an entire stadium of people went “AWWW” and a lone guy in the top row yells, “Hurray! I’m for the other team!” That was us, and in the same way that mountains or oceans or lakes inspire some folks, city skylines inspire me. Here was the view from our seats:

Here’s us at the game. We had to ask a nice Nebraska fan to take it, but they were plenty friendly…except for two college students who were trying to uphold their school’s tradition of standing up to support their team. They didn’t understand that they weren’t in the “student section” and most everybody wanted to sit and watch the game and that they were the only two in the upper deck standing up. After enough razzing from those behind them (we let the Nebraska fans handle their own–we were already in enemy territory) they gave up their stubbornness and exited to the student section.

And, then, a nice way to start 2007. It’s already better than 2006’s start:

We got home at 4PM…and the rest of the day was spent trying to stay awake until a respectable hour. Tracy made it to 9:30PM, and Kelsey 9:45PM. Shelby road-warriored it with a sleepover at a friends’ house…so we’ll see how that goes later today.

At any rate, the McKinney’s had an excellent start to 2007.