So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that I’m glad that my friend Caroline had her baby and that mom, baby, aunts, uncles and grandparents are all fine. I can’t decide if the ability to plan the “birth day” (due to Caesarian section) is better of if the sponteneity of the mad-dash of going into labor is better. I guess the end result is what matters anyway.
…it was funny watching the other teenagers when Kid1 told them how she was bummed about not closing her car door all the way and the light on all night drained her battery. The listeners, all of whom had been driving all of two years or so, replied with, “Well, got that one out of the way already, then. You’ll also have the keys-locked-in-the-car and the backing-up-bumper-tap coming up soon.” Sometimes, I think it’s better for parents to avoid hearing those types of conversations.
…in a related story: Trying to draw on that little slice of EXACTLY how to hook up the jumper cables is something that you don’t play “high-risk, high-reward” with. Does that ground go on the “good” car? No, wait. Hook up both positive and negative on the “bad” car and just the positive on the “good” one? Or is it vice-versa? Good thing my cables have a “dummy tag” on them. I read it as a last resort.
…sometimes the $10 all-you-can-play at Sega GameWorks from 7 to 11PM is the best way to spend an evening.
…TiVo is changing the way I watch TV. I’m learning that when I watch a show that’s “live” I’m wishing I could fast-forward through the commercials. The only thing I don’t like is that when it’s recording a ballgame I want to watch without knowing the score and I turn it on, the set comes on THAT CHANNEL. I’m trying to avoid the score! I have to leave the room and have my wife turn it on, TiVo. Fix that!
…I’ve got friends who went skiing in Colorado for the break. I bet they’re THRILLED with the weather they’re getting. I’m kinda jealous.
…I think TV weather anchors are scary. Last night, the guy was talking about a reality that we’re supposed to be having a “weather event” today…severe thunderstorms (which I kind of like, provided nobody gets hurt). He was making his gadgetry show us what today would be like every two hours and he sounded a bit too excited when his projection included, “You’ve seen our color purple for severe storms before, but if my computer prediction is correct, for the first time *ever* we’ll see black!. That’s 60 mile-per-hour winds and hail and rain blowing sideways, folks!”
…I’ve seen two movies lately that made me think entirely too hard. When I go to the movies, I’m looking for mindless entertainment. Granted, it’s usually not hard to find, but Tracy was laughing at my furrowed brow during The Good Shepherd trying to figure out a few things.
…I’m pretty much going to Barnes & Noble today to use my gift card. One book. One CD. No preconceptions. I’m going to let them each find me.
…is anyone else scared by how accurate the “shopping recommendations” on are? You know, it gives you suggestions on what you might like based not only what you purchased but also on what you “browsed” on their site? I don’t like it that a web site knows me better than most people.
…I read where 20% of the college students in 1970 had an “A” average in high school. Today, 50% of college students had an “A” in high school. And, we’re not supposed to believe that grade inflation happens so kids can get into college? No wonder our kids value manipulation of a system rather than learning…it’s what we reward.
…that I’m going soda-free in 2007. Wish me luck.
…my mom’s life philosophy of “expecting the worst, then everything after that is good” played out in my own life yesterday. Remember my “steal of a deal” on StubHub getting Cotton Bowl tickets for $12 apiece instead of the $90 per ticket face value? They came yesterday and the enclosure said to make sure it was what I wanted. Yes, they were tickets to the correct game. Yes, they were the seats they listed. Yes, there were four. Yes, we were pleased. It should’ve been joyous, right? My mom’s little echoing voice of “if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not” went through my brain and I wondered if some college-aged Cotton Bowl ticket counterfeiters were making $48 bucks off me and ruined the moment.
…that ex-presidents get glowing reviews when they die. I’m not old enough to have seen that many, but for some reason, my memory is different than most of the glowing reviews I hear on the news. I wonder what they’ll say in about 25 years when Clinton passes. Or in 30 or so when “W” gets reviewed.
…that I should get on with my day, and wait on the weather event.