What’s Good About Amercia

After the downer of political convention coverage this week, I found everything good about America in the doughnut shop this morning.

It’s owned by Korean immigrants. They work early hours making doughnuts, attending classes in the afternoon. They’re friendly and smile when you come in after they say “hello” with a Korean accent. They’re learning English (but apprently haven’t learned to say “hey” yet) and making their living from Texans who spend around 4 bucks every time they come in. They’re trying to be a part of the community. They put little kids’ artwork up in their store alongside prints of Matisse (I don’t know why they chose him in particular). They have a bulletin board for local business cards. They have their children, who work in the store, in our public schools. They go to church.

It’s the melting pot in action…giving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to people from somewhere else. They may or may not make it but the ideals are giving them their shot…and the idea that there’s some idea of an “American Dream” out there that people want to pursue is what’s good about America. Not the politicians or the politics.