Upon Arriving At Home…


…my entire family came to the airport to get me.  That doesn’t always happen, but it’s really nice to have a slew of excited girls happy to greet you.

…my dog was happy to see me.  That’s what makes dogs the greatest of all pets.

…serious thunderstorms started about an hour after I got back, and continued all night.  I think I was built for the Pacific Northwest, because I absolutely love the rain.  I like cold more than hot, rain more than sun, snow more than summer, etc.

…I got to teach a Bible study.  After a day of travel, I don’t have my “a” game.  I forgot to tie the opening illustration to the main point of the text.  Rookie mistake from a 16-year veteran.

…I met with my upperclassmen.  I’m excited about how they are challenging me, my staff, and by extension, the rest of the teens in the ministry.

…there was a glitch in the dishwasher.  We’re hoping the problem was solved, but I can say I’m tired of plumbing problems.  The test for that is this morning.  Ugh.

…I watched a movie with my wife.  There’s something nice about just being in the room with her.  That hasn’t changed in 16 years.

…I watched the Rangers’ lead in the AL West division dwindle to a half-game.  I fear the August slide has begun 3 days early.

…I woke up to normalcy in my routine.  My newspaper (albeit a tad soggy) in my driveway with my coffee made my way in my kitchen with my family asleep with my dog sitting by my feet with my computer in my chair working on my blog.   I’m content.