Blogger Get-Together!

There were no communications issues last night at the blogger party! Riskey Business came emblazoned with a Blogger logo on her shirt and bearing brownies. The Fall of Whom came with husband John and a failed attempt at the actual “cry/laugh/snort.” Rearview Window showed up with the stylish J-Ru in tow, and there was a surprise appearance by Your Mom. There was a brief appearance by Shelbydance and The Kelsey Chronicles stayed the entire time.

It was fun for me to see the different directions the conversation trekked: Worship experiences, Lord of the Rings/Matrix stuff, churches in Utah, seminary, post-modernism–complete with eye-rolls, “liberal Christians,” and labyrinths (“The Shining” was a maze, labyrinths are different). Very cool.

Now that I think about it, my living room has been the location of events ranging from salvation to full-contact Uno. Last night illustrated that very reality!